• 100 Steps – Week 3

    Breaking News – I started a 100 Steps group on Flickr. Go join. Now!

    For those of you following along with my 100 steps posts you may remember that I am using the same anchor point each week, my doorstep. Is that crazy? Probably. Will I run out of places to go? Most Likely. Is starting at your doorstep a rule of the game? Definitely not! I just like the challenge and using the same anchor point for comparison each week. You can play along in any way you like.

    This week I took a different approach to my 100 steps. I stayed indoors!

    And here is where I ended up:

    Welcome to my cozy, warm, currently cluttered living room desk nook.

    See the Polaroid camera hanging out on the bottom right? I really need to get out again with her this week and experiment. I am longing for some new film images to hang on the fridge.

    I hope lots of you will play along with 100 steps this week. I was so excited to see some of you post your images last week and I hope to get even more of you involved this week! Go out (or stay in!). Take 100 steps. Stop. Shoot. Post here. Join the Flickr group. Share.

    I can’t wait to see where you end up.

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    curiousillusionOctober 25, 2009 - 2:09 pm

    Looks very cozy and I love the lighting/processing.. seems almost retro or something, not sure. Nice job tho!

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