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    Lovely Lensbaby

    No stories today.  Juat a post and run.  I am in the midst of editing pictures from my first mother/son photo shoot that took place today (stay tuned for the results…) .  However, I had some play time last night with one of my favorite cats and the lensbaby, so I had to share. Meet […]

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    Fall Explosion

    Have I mentioned before that I’m impulsive? Like super impulsive. I found my next lens while surfing Shutter Sisters this week. And I just couldn’t wait to purchase it. So I didn’t. Welcome Lensbaby! And, welcome to fall in Virginia! Ok ok, I know the above photo is a little wild. It’s a little too […]

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    The Calmer

    Today is Best Shot Monday (BSM) everyone. The idea behind best shot Monday is simple. Take pictures and post the best one. This week’s theme is all about dreams. I have many. They change from day to day. Right now? Take pictures. Lots. Share. Learn. Grow. I dream of growing a photography business. Success! But, […]

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    100 Steps – Week 2

    I took 100 steps again this morning.  The rain has finally subsided (it’s been raining since Wednesday) but its still way colder than it should be for an October day in VA.   I am sure I was a sight to behold outside in my hooded sweatshirt (with hood on my head), fleece PJ pants, and […]

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    Polaroid Update

    I have an impulse problem. Remember my recent post about Polaroid nostalgia?  Weeeeeeeelllllll… I got my One Step Polaroid camera!!! For 5 bucks on craigslist I might add (gotta love a good bargain). I actually got the camera on Wednesday (less than 24 hours after that blog post) and have been waiting patiently impatiently for […]

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