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    First of all I have to say thank you to those readers that entered the “Share Your GratitudeMemolio giveaway. The contest is now closed and tomorrow is the big day where I will be randomly picking and announcing the winners right here so stay tuned!

    In today’s news…

    I am taking a big step in my photography journey and I am so excited to tell you about it.  This is a step that makes me overflow with excited butterflies and makes me want to puke all at the same time. It’s the next step in me growing a real professional level photography business and I couldn’t be more terrified thrilled at the prospect.

    Right now I am dreaming big.

    I seriously might just be going crazy. Utterly mad. The Calmer thinks so. But he still supports me.  Let me give you the details. Then you can tell me what you think.  And you can let me know that I am completely insane brilliant!

    I blog hop a lot now. Mostly photography blogs, but really a mish mash of everything from photography, to daily musings, to gluten free living, to creative inspiration.  Back in October, somewhere along my blog hopping journey I found this. The LAUNCH Workshop. Led by Tampa based professional photographers Stacy Larsen and Kristie Serra. It’s geared toward beginner level natural light photographers wanting to take their amateur photography to the next level.


    Read the “Is This For Me” section. I read it and I went,

    “Woah that’s totally me!”

    Then I looked at the “Registration” page and went,

    “Woah, that’s a lot of money!”

    I tried to forget about the site. Put in on the back burner. But, during the past month I have not been able to get LAUNCH out of my head. I want to be there. I need to be there.  I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. Asking myself  the important questions. Is this what I really want? Do I want to make this investment? Is photography really a passion for me? Is my photography up to par? Can I build a real business? Will I find customers? Will they actually pay?

    Then, yesterday, in my blog hopping endeavors I read this blog by Danielle LaPorte. And the level of clarity I felt after reading it was so strong. I have to do this. I can’t let fear take hold. I have to try. I NEED to be at LAUNCH.

    So I registered. I will be at the LAUNCH 2 day weekend February 20-21!!

    ( I am still pondering adding in the limited enrollment 3rd day and still trying to convince The Calmer we have the money to part with so I can be there for it all…)

    Don’t worry I’m not quitting my day job. yet. But I do know that this is a great opportunity. To learn. To grow. To network. To vacation. To launch this side business working my passion. With the big dream of turning it into a full time career one day. Will I get there? I don’t know. But I have hope. And I do know I have to take this leap of faith and try.

    I will not let the fear of failure keep me from trying.

    So ready or not LAUNCH, here I come!

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    belleNovember 12, 2009 - 2:43 pm

    Good for you, B!

    curiousillusionNovember 12, 2009 - 6:12 pm

    Wow that's quite the decision – that's a lot of money. I hope it is all you dream it is.Btw, isn't that your bday weekend?

    Sarah B.November 12, 2009 - 7:26 pm

    That is exciting. Also the shot you posted for this is awesome… Seriously! You can do it, Beryl! I don't think you're nuts!

    bella rose photographyNovember 13, 2009 - 5:30 am

    Yeah, it was a tough decision to make but I am super excited! And yes my bday will be Sunday the 21st during the workshop!

    .kat.November 13, 2009 - 7:35 am

    I can TOTALLY relate to this! I'll need to check out LAUNCH and see what all the hoopla is all about! ;o)

    bella rose photographyNovember 13, 2009 - 7:53 am

    Let me know what you think and if you decide to go too! It would it be to “know” someone there. 🙂

    Stacy and KristieNovember 13, 2009 - 8:24 am

    We are so thrilled that you have decided to share your journey with us and so glad you shared your blog post! Having been where you are, we know all too well how huge it is to make the decision to take the leap. One thing I have learned in life and business is that the things really worth having, the things that bring you the most joy are often times the biggest risk. At some point you just have to decide to go all in and let your passion, faith and determination lead the way! So, we are honored to be your teachers and promise that you will walk away with the tools you need to go after your dream!

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