Share Your Gratitude *The Winners!*

Thank you again to everyone who entered the Share Your Gratitude contest sponsored by memolio. November is the perfect month to reflect on those people in our life we are most grateful for.

Today I am simply grateful to be me!

unique. creative. type a. me.

But you aren’t reading today to learn more about me…

Let’s get onto the winners!

You all had so many great ideas and reasons to give a memolio brag books and I wish I could give away a free book to each and every one of you. Unfortunately I only have 5 to giveaway so below are the lucky winners (randomly chosen) and their answer to the contest question: Who you would make a memolio album for with your winnings and why? If you are one of the winners be sure to check your email later this weekend for directions on how to redeem your memolio certificate.

And the winners are…

belle: My good friend Cole has a super adorable little house with great lighting and she always lets me whip out my camera and wander around whenever I visit. So, I’d love to make her a little book that contains all of the photos I’ve taken of her and her living space.

sharon: I would make memolio albums for my family full of pictures of our little Danny.  I think that it would make a great gift – especially for my FIL. He lives out of his pockets, and this would be a nice sturdy thing for him to keep in his pockets for when the time comes for bragging.

kelly: I would love to win a litte brag book like this to share with my best friend. She celebrated her 40th birthday this past summer and her mom bought me a ticket to fly there to surprise her. After that, we all spent a week in Canada making new memories. My brag book would include memories from that trip, of course!!!

teachercarrie: I think I would definitely make a Memolio for either my mom to have as a brag book or for my husband to keep at work. He is always talking about me and our cats with his coworkers and he needs some new photographs to put on his desk…they’re a bit outdated I’d say.

N.Z.G. With my winnings, I would like to make a memolio album for my “mixed” family. Though things are not, for lack of a better word, “cool” with us, I love each and everyone of them some kind of fiercely. I don’t have pictures of my biological dad & I, my biological mom & I, my little sister & I, and my little step Bothers & I. As a matter of fact, my families know little to nothing of each other. And I want to remedy that. They don’t have to like to each other but I want them to understand that their love for me ties them all together. So I want to create a memlio album that has pictures of me and with each one of them. I want them to see each other but most importantly, I them to see me happy with them and the “others” in my life.

Thanks again to memolio for sponsoring this contest and I hope all of the winners will come back to this blog soon and share the link to their digital memolio once it’s complete!

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6 thoughts on “Share Your Gratitude *The Winners!*”

  1. Wahooooo, I won something! Thank you so much Beryl for having this contest and allowing us to have fun with it. Gosh, now I'm going to have to figure out the photos I want to include. This should be interesting. 🙂 Thanks again!

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