The George Family

As I mentioned yesterday I had not one but two lovely photo sessions on Sunday. It’s made for a busy but worthwhile start to the week with all the processing I have been doing. I think The Calmer is getting worried that it may be months before I get up from my laptop! But once I get going, the process of turning photos from good to fabulous can be addicting and I just can’t pull myself away from the screen.

In any event, my photo session on Sunday afternoon with the George family almost didn’t happen! I got a call from them early on Saturday and it seems the flu has been making its rounds in their house. Dad was the newest victim this weekend and after chatting briefly we were planned for a re-schedule next week.  Amazingly, on Sunday morning I got news that dad felt better (or at least good enough to play model for photos on a Sunday afternoon). And I am so glad we were able to get out and get their photos done, the weather was just BEAUTIFUL!

We spent the late afternoon on a nature hike at the Red Rock Park in Leesburg, VA. Until last week I had never been there and I was so happy with the suggestion from the family. The place is amazing. The historic farm ruins and hiking trails that lead to a fantastic view Potomac river were the perfect setting for family photos.

I also must say that the 3 kids in the George family were all good sports! I know at their age spending the afternoon with a stranger and being forced in front of the camera for 90 minutes with mom and dad is the farthest thing from fun.  But they were all perfect subjects for their portraits and I just love love love their gorgeous blue eyes.

In my defense, I didn’t make them post the whole time. They also got a chance to run around, play ball, enjoy the weather, the sites, and even climb some of the massive trees around the park. I just love the picture of them below in the tree after hearing stories of a similar picture in their home taken when they were much younger.

Spending time with this family was a great way to wind down the weekend. I hope they had a great time too and enjoy this preview of their photos from the day.  To see a larger version of any of the collages above just click on the picture to enlarge it. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “The George Family”

  1. Beautiful pictures! The light is just lovely and I love the one with the parents behind and the three kids laying down – wonderful pose… as well as the one of the whole family walking down the trail into the woods. I would be thrilled to have family pictures like these! You did a wonderful job and I'm sure they'll love them!

  2. What great pics! I just love the warm tones. You certainly captured a lovely family on a beautiful day in such a nice fall setting.

  3. Gorgeous!!! They are just gorgeous!!! I love the family photo by the wall–you actually got everyone smiling–I can't wait to enlarge and print it and give it to family members. This will make the perfect Christmas card. The individual photos of the kids turned out really well although Cameron looks bored or sleepy–doesn't he?–he was a real grump that day but he was going on 3 hours of sleep. When we got home he fell asleep and didn't wake up until Monday morning. I love the 3 kids in the tree and the “monkey” in the tree! I am so pleased at how they all turned out! Can't wait to see they full set! They are all so unique and tons better than the usual studio photos with the fake backgrounds. They are going to look awesome in our family room! We have a stone fireplace and 2 large prints of stone houses on our wall–cream and forest green. The color scheme will be perfect! Tell the calmer thanks for letting you do your work so quickly–we appreciate it! I can hardly wait to share with friends and family!!!!I'm thinking the grandparents (at least the grandmothers) would enjoy a memolio for their purses. I have a beautiful 3 photo frame that I received as a gift from my students several years ago. I have never had anything good enough to put in it but I will definitely put 3 of these in it. Chris is taking a class and will get home later. I can't wait to share them with him. Kirsten has seen them and she loves them too photos!!!You rock Beryl!!!!

  4. They turned out so well! What a nice setting as well. This is one thing I can see myself struggling with in Arizona. We are very limited on greenery that works out well for photography purposes. I need to ask you for a favor here…can you by chance tell me how you make your collages? TIA!

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