The Wagner Family

I was so thrilled last week to get an email from fellow neighbor Lisa Wagner with a special request. She was seeking an on location photographer to come take holiday photos of her family including her newborn twin girls.  Because these little ones were premature they are on strict orders to remain at home until the flu season passes.  Amazingly our schedules aligned so I was able to do the photos while grandma, grandpa, and great grandma are in town for Thanksgiving which made this session even more special.

We spent a lovely morning at the Wagner household and I was very impressed with how after moving into the house only a month ago Lisa had already managed to locate her holiday decorations and get many of them set up for today!  It made for a very festive backdrop for our picture taking.

I want to thank the entire Wagner family for being so patient with me as I worked with them and their girls on my first newborn portrait session.  I was hoping for some sleepy baby pictures, but these girls were wide awake and alert the entire time! In the end I am glad they were, baby Rachel and Elizabeth were beautiful models and I ended up with some really nice shots of these wee ones. 

(Just don’t ask me which one is which. I am certainly glad their mom and dad can tell them apart!)

Wagner family, I hope you enjoy your session preview as much as I do. These girls are just precious and I had so much fun working with you all today. Thanks for all the ideas, help with wardrobe changes, posing, and props! I’ll be in touch after the holidays with the rest of your photos from our morning together. Happy Thanksgiving!

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7 thoughts on “The Wagner Family”

  1. Just tried to comment using my phone, but it wasn't cooperating at all….so going to try this again.Fantastic work again Beryl! I really like the way you desaturated the newborn shots. I was supposed to have my first newborn session yesterday, but we had to reschedule for tomorrow. I hope I will be as successful as you. 🙂

  2. Beryl…I am freaking out! I've been working on one photograph of the baby I photographed for hours. But I just cannot get the skin tone evened out. I tried to even out the red, but that made it look to yellow and so I tried to even out the yellow and then use a smooth skin type action and can't get it to work. I do not know enough about Photoshop to even understand what others are trying to tell me to do to fix it. I'm about to just make them all black and white and not go colored at all, like some others say they do. How did you make your baby photos at the bottom of this entry look so even and smooth?

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