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NaBloPoMo Daily Mitzvah: The Calmer and I have a daily Monday tradition of eating at a favorite local Mexican restaurant. I wasn’t feeling the Mexican food vibe tonight, but decided to go anyway to make my Calmer happy. I know he was looking forward to that meal all day and and I did not want to dissapoint him.

In other news…

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a photography workshop with Northern, VA wedding photographer, Kate Headley. I have been excited for this workshop since the day my mom forwarded me her information from Daily Candy. Targeted toward woman photographers looking to capture fresh, bright, original images i knew her style would mesh with mine.  Her work is inspiring, unique, and creative. I could seriously stare at her images all day!

Kate didn’t disappoint with her teaching either. Her style is intimate, laid back, and interactive. I arrived yesterday at the Athenaeum in Old Town Alexandria to a round table style room of about 15 other woman photographers. The Athenaeum was just lovely! Home of the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association it was the perfect venue for this session. Surrounded by inspiration and lots of available light, we were good to go.

We spent the initial part of the workshop in brainstorming ideas and giving introductions.  Then we really got down to business discussing some of the important technical aspects of photography such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and composition.  However, the best part of the workshop was the final 30 minutes. Real world application time.  We were broken into groups based on camera model and then given a scenario and props to shoot.  It was a time to think outside the box, mix and mingle with other photographers, and use what we had just learned.

Our scenario went something like this:

“Your cousin is about to celebrate her sweet 16 with a party and would like her dress photographed like a wedding dress.”

The dress we were given to shoot was just gorgeous!

I must say, I love that it matched the Athenaum perfectly!

lovely details.

fun framing.

All in all the session was really beneficial. It was a pleasant afternoon spent with other photographers with the chance to get in some quality practice time.  Kate was open to questions and gracious with her sharing of some really useful tips and tricks for aspiring photographer like me.  I really hope Kate continues to offer workshops and develops some new ones. She was an engaging and knowledgeable teacher and  I’d love to have the chance learn more from her in the future!

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3 thoughts on “Images That Pop”

  1. great photos from the workshop! i live at the north end of old town, not far from where you were shooting. i'll have to keep my eye out for future workshops 🙂

  2. I was just thinking about this today and wondering if you had attended! So glad to see the pictures you got a chance to take. I bet it was energizing to attend a workshop and work hand-in-hand with other photographers. I really like your “details” shot!

  3. Such a beautiful dress and the colors are so lovely. It is amazing that the color matched so well with the building's facade. Great composition to capture the dress with the columns.

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