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    Her Day

    Today I should be 40 weeks pregnant and we should be welcoming Bella in to the world. Instead we are remember her today and hoping that this day brings some closure to the roller coaster ride that has been the past nine months.  A friend sent this quote to me today and it was oh […]

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    Getting Closer

    Life is good. I haven’t been able to say that with any real conviction in awhile, but really it is.  I have lots to be thankful for right now. And topping the list of goodness right now is my brand new webpage, just around the corner. We’re weeks, if not days away from launching the […]

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    Business Building 101 – Planning the Road to Success

    You may have noticed my absence lately. And yes I have been absent. But I’ve been busy. This pretty much sums up my week. I bet can all relate. The day job has been busy. Home life has been busy. Photo editing has been busy. Throw house hunting into the mix and you’ve got a […]

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    Ready To Receive

    Life has been incredibly busy here this week. From house hunting, to local entrepreneurial seminars, and a busy day job, the blog has been neglected this week. I should hopefully be back in action here with some new ideas, inspirations, and resources soon.  I am hoping the payoff at the end of these crazy few […]

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    SOAR!ing Revisited

    The question of the week from my friends, family, and coworkers has undoubtedly been: Have you found out about the SOAR! scholarship yet? Did you win? The short answer is the winners were announced last night and no I did not  “win”. But the answer I should be giving runs so much longer, deeper, and […]

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