1/365 – Time to Soar

December was my NaBloPoMo month for blog posting and I first want to proudly state that I did it!!!I posted daily for all of December 2009. Some days it was hard. I was tired. Didn’t have anything to write about. No pictures to take. But I pushed through the burn out and finished!

Soooooo, that means you won’t be hearing from me daily on the blog from here on out. BUT, if you want to see my work daily for the next year catch me over at flickr. I’ve decided to take the plunge and restart my project 365 this year, thanks to all of your encouragement. I am also thrilled to see many many friends old and new starting the journey with me. I hope we can all be a source of encouragement and inspiration as the year progresses.

The most shocking of my 365 compadres? My very own Calmer! He decided to take the plunge as well. He doesn’t really use the dSLR too much. Doesn’t claim to own a point and shoot. So he’ll be using a variety of cameras this year for his project: webcam, camera phone, point and shoot, and maybe even the dSLR too. I am sure getting a peek into our world from each of our perspectives will be an interesting contrast. Today was the perfect example.

Beryl: Ready to SOAR! Excited about the new office corner set up and ready to rock and roll with the new iMac and the new business venture.

Calmer: Supporting me to the fullest, but not really enjoying the new computer so much.

(click on our names to head on over to our flickr pages and get the full scoop)

Who else started their 365’s today?? Post your links in the comments. I want to see!

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4 thoughts on “1/365 – Time to Soar”

  1. Oh my gosh… I LOVE THIS!!! Start researching how to publish a book because I bet the daily pictures from different perspectives are going to be really compelling. LOVE your husband's sense of humor in this one… I showed my husband and he couldn't stop laughing (maybe he can identify??)…lol… Great idea! I actually begged my guy to do this too but he didn't jump aboard…lol… you got a good sport there!

  2. Awesome maresi!! If you are ever in need of some motivation or a littleboost head on over to flickr. There are many 365 groups over there and somany supportive people. Just start uploading and commenting and you're sureto stick with it! Good luck. 🙂

  3. YAY — congrats, beryl, on making it through nablopomo for december! i decided against taking the project 365 plunge right now, but i'm still mulling it over. i'm looking forward to following along with you and the “calmer's” journey 🙂

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