Fear of Flight

“People are never more insecure than when they become obsessed with their fears at the expense of their dreams.”

~Norman Cousins~

Fear is a sneaky beast. Lurking in the shadows until its ready to come charging, full speed ahead, to knock you down.  Crippling. Blinding. Gnawing. Numbing. FEAR. Fear knocked me down this weekend.

fear of failure




burn out



fear of the unknown

But I refuse to let this fear keep me down.  It’s 2010. And I am going to SOAR.  That’s my mantra. I am spreading my wings.  I don’t know where my flight path leads.  I have some idea of where I’m going but with a whole wide world out there my options are vast.

Today its a photography business (because as you know I love to take pictures!). Tomorrow its “maybe I’ll write a book” (but really I have no clue what I’d write about – grief? loss? coping? photography? technology? teaching? giving? i have no clue…). The next minute its a desire to help others tackle grief (through photography therapy maybe?? Is there such a thing??!!).

My creativity is just waiting to be unleashed.   I keep pondering a fire starter session with Danielle LaPorte and then think little old me with my unfocused and underdeveloped ideas is in no place to be even going there.  What I do know is that I want to be inspired.  So, keep on inspiring me friends. Help me pick my path and really take off.  I want something big. I want to own it. Create it. I want to kiss fear goodbye. And say hello to my dreams.

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3 thoughts on “Fear of Flight”

  1. Fear is so debilitating, sometimes I think I am the most fearful person on the planet – but then I think about all the chances I've taken, and things I've accomplished and I see that even though I am fearful – I still manage to take those leaps of faith. Fear is ok, overcoming fear AWESOME!!! I bet if you look back you'll see the same thing in yourself!

  2. I truly feel your post!! I have been standing still and not writing because I let fear live inside my being… not anymore! 2010 is here and has defeated the fear within!

  3. A very wise person once told me that he'd observed that I have a lot of fears. Well, that is true. But it is because of those fears that I create and I would not trade any of it. And neither should you!

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