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This week over at the SOAR blog we’ve been challenged by Karen and Fay of the Wisdom Connection to define the good that surrounds us as we embark on our business building adventures. Too often we focus on what needs to be done and less on what is good and solid with our journey.

I know deep down that I have a long road ahead to achieve success.  But this journey almost feels like the insane amounts of snow we’ve had this week here in Virginia (over 30 inches at our house over the past 30 hours!). What starts as just a few flakes, over time collects and accumulates into something much bigger and beautiful.

Right now my own personal snowstorm has just started.  But I think and I hope I have a lot going in my favor to turn this snowstorm into a blizzard.

I have a support network all around me. My family. Friends. Bloggers. Flickerites. SOAR  Sisters.  Every time I am feeling discouraged someone comes around to lift me up and feel like going down this path is right. I love the art of taking photos, but I also love that I can be an inspiration to others. And I’d love to find a way to marry my love of photography with my love of inspiring and teaching others.

I am taking steps to learn and to grow. I’ve attended a few small local workshops. And now I am pumped up to be attending the LAUNCH Workshop for beginner natural light photographers in Tampa in only 2 short weeks. 3 days of learning where I am hoping to gain some knowledge about photography. But even more knowledge about building a successful business.

I also took advantage of a recent sale from one of my new favorite bloggers, Naomi Dunford, of the IttyBiz blog.  I got my hands on an e-book designed to assist small business owners with launching their own e-books. Not sure if an e-book is a direction I’ll go in, but you never know. Maybe an e-book written by me and designed to inspire and teach others how to rock their own photography talents would sell?  Along with the IttyBiz e-book I also scored an hour of business coaching with Naomi. Business coaching scares and excites me all at once. Who do I think I am hiring a business coach?! I don’t have any solid plan yet. But I suppose that’s what she’ll be there to help with. And so I am excited to rock out a plan with her and hopefully put it into action.

Through Karen and Fay’s exercise this week I have discovered What is So in my world. I have drive. I have determination. And I need to turn that into action.  Hopefully my snow will start accumulating soon and the door of opportunity and success will open wide.

What is So in your world right now? Business owner or not what good surrounds you today? I want to hear all about the good things in your life.

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6 thoughts on “What Is So”

  1. Beryl, I am so happy to see you leap
    into the open air and take flight! I
    can honestly say that I am so ever
    grateful to see many of the folks
    that I’ve come in contact with take
    that bold step this year to truly
    pursue their hearts desire. It leaves
    me inspired and refreshed. :O)

  2. Beryl,
    I too feel the same way all the time…I just keep telling myself that any step is a step in the right direction…somehow things will all fall into place..they always seem to..thanks for sharing..Kelli

  3. Great Job Beryl..I’m surprized you didn’t just post: What is so is “SNOW!” Wow-30 inches in 30 hours! Holy Smokes! It is wonderful to hear of what is so for you and also be inspired by you already. It sounds like a very solid foundation!

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