• Baby H. is 9 Months | Sterling, VA Child Photographer

    One of the coolest thing about this job is getting to watch my client’s children grow and capture those milestones that are so important for familes.  Some of you remember this cute little guy Harper and his mom and dad, Lis and Chris.  I got to take photos of him back in December at 6 months. He was just learning to hold himself up and sit up on his own but he was full of smiles and love for his mom and dad.  My visit this time was pretty amazing. It was fun to see this little guy growing bigger and stronger, but still with a great smile and a desire cheese it up for the camera in an instant.

    For our session we spent time strolling Lis and Chris’ neighborhood. It was a GORGEOUS afternoon and it really felt more like the beginnings of spring than summer! Just down the street from Lis and Chris’ house is a little playground. Harper is just starting to learn how much fun the playground really is! At first he wasn’t so sure about going down the slide with mom. But with dad’s help he was all about exploring. I love the sequence below of him attempting to crawl down the slide instead of letting gravity do its job.

    For the last part of my visit we simply spent some time enjoying the warm air and letting Baby H. do his thing. He is on the move! Crawling now, but I am sure he will be walking and completely mobile in no time. Watch out mom and dad!

    Thanks Lis and Chris for inviting me back to capture these milestones for your family. I hope you enjoy your preview.  I had such a fun time with you guys and can’t wait to see this guy really moving around during my 1 year visit not to long from now!

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