Kim, Kerry, and Alex | Northern, VA Family Photographer

You know that saying, “The show must go on!”? The session I had this week with Kim, Kerry, and her adorable son Alex definitely felt like we were living that saying but the end result was so worth it! Kim contacted me with a great idea for a photo session with her sister Kerry. They are planning to create a sisterly surprise gift for their mom’s birthday this coming fall  (shhhh…hopefully mom isn’t reading this blog post right now…I don’t want to ruin the surprise…).

Kerry and Alex were visiting from out of town so rescheduling our session was not an option, and unfortunately the weather forecast for the afternoon of our shoot together indicated passing thunderstorms and rain.  We tried really hard to schedule around the weather, but unfortunately mother nature had her way with us and we had to find a way to work around her instead.

The rain gave us a great reason to hang out inside the local Barnes and Noble playing trains and reading books and gave me the perfect opportunity to get to know these guys a bit better.  Once boredom hit from being indoors, I was excited that these guys were willing to brave the storms and go out to play.  I just love Alex’s shark umbrella he proudly carried around with him.  It may have been raining, but it did not rain on our parade for this session and we had so much fun despite the weather.

Kim, Kerry, and Alex I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of images from our fun-filled rainy day. You guys were a breeze to work with and I can’t wait to show you the rest of your images soon!

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2 thoughts on “Kim, Kerry, and Alex | Northern, VA Family Photographer”

  1. Wow Beryl! Each time I think you have outdone yourself, you outdo yourself all over again! I love the props you used for this session and absolutely love that you played around in a store too. 🙂

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