Nursery Tour

Ok folks, nesting has officially begun in the Young household.  I seriously can’t believe how quickly 9 months has passed and we’re super excited about welcoming baby Brielle Rose into the world in only a few short weeks. (Yep, that’s her name for those of you who haven’t heard – Brielle or just Brie if you’re so inclined). My Calmer and I took this weekend to pick up some last minute baby necessities, I’ve done my first load of newborn laundry, and life seems to be slowing down just a little bit in anticipation of her arrival. I don’t think our calendar has been this empty EVER.

Remember the hard work going on to get the nursery painted a few weeks ago? I thought you all may like to see the final “reveal” of our hard work. I am hoping the calming ocean blue walls, vibrant pops of lilac, and sea-life accents will provide a soothing environment for our little one to grow and thrive.

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10 thoughts on “Nursery Tour”

  1. Beautiful! Are you also an interior designer? Are the fishies handpainted, stencils or decals? I’m so excited for you!

    1. Ha! Definitely not an interior designer. The fishies are decals I got on and were so easy to install! I highly reccomend them. 🙂

  2. Wow Beryl this looks great! Were those soft blocks that spell her name an etsy purchase as well? I love etsy. I also love your choice of colors and bedding/theme! Can’t wait to meet your little one.

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