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    A few weeks ago we invited the very talented photographer Kelly Nelson into our home to capture some special moments of My Calmer, Brie and I as a new and growing family.  Being a photographer myself it’s of utmost importance to me to preserve these memories that we’ll never get back. Brie’s smallness.  Parental instinct. The love and adoration we have for her and each other. With all the sleepless nights and the whirlwind that parenthood brings I wanted something special to remember this time in our lives. It’s often hard to stop and enjoy these fleeting moments and Kelly was the photographer we chose capture them for us. Her casual. documentary style of storytelling was exactly what we were going for in preserving the memory of this time.

    Kelly, like myself offers a custom photography business. Custom photography allows you to pick a photographer who fits your style and your needs. It’s about building a relationship with a photographer, connecting with their style, and allowing their vision to create works of art that preserve the important moments in your life.  I absolutely adore being a custom photographer. I love meeting new people, building relationships, shooting photographs, and retouching them to make timeless art pieces that tell the story of a moment in time.

    So why go custom? Custom photography is expensive. Why not just go to the portrait studio in the local mall?  It’s so much cheaper and faster. Custom photography is all about the EXPERIENCE. The overall package. It’s not the portrait studio mentality of next in line, everyone smile at the camera, one size fits all.  Think about Starbucks vs. McDonalds or Nordstrom vs. Walmart.

    Your custom photography experience starts from the time you begin scouring the internet to find the photographer who speaks to you and your style. Some custom photographers work in studios while others only shoot on location in parks or cities. Some have a flair for drama while others are quite casual. Some focus mainly on posed portraits while others focus on telling a story in their images.  Once you’ve chosen your photographer the rest of the process unfolds from there. From planning a wardrobe, to taking the photos, to retouching and editing, to gallery review, and finally product selection and ordering.  Custom photographers usually share a gallery culled to only the best images from your session and offer an extensive array of products to choose from (prints, enlargements, storyboards, albums, canvas, etc…).

    Custom photography is expensive. But there is a reason.  The experience your photographer is creating for you takes time. Much more time than your visit to the mall’s portrait studio. There is time spent planning with you. Time shooting you and your beautiful family. Time culling, editing, and retouching your images. And time helping you get the most out your images through product consultation and ordering from the most reputable high quality vendors out there.

    Isn’t the custom experience what you’d want when preserving your most important family memories?  I’d love to be the photographer to help you create beautiful family memories.  I know I will certainly be treasuring these images for a lifetime thanks to Kelly.

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    KatOctober 20, 2010 - 9:41 pm

    I decided when I get married or have a kid (and have money lol) I’m so going to get shoots like this 🙂 I wish you could do them for me but I’m thinking by that time we’ll be really far apart 🙁
    Wonderful work though and you have a BEAUTIFUL family

    carmenOctober 20, 2010 - 11:17 pm

    nicely written! kelly did a great job.

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