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    So far the response to Momtography 101 has been great and I am thrilled to see raffle entries and registrations already coming in! I can tell this first class is going to be a huge success and can’t wait for February. I’ve also been answering many questions this  past week about the class and what to expect.  So, I thought everyone could benefit from the Q&A and below is the Momtography 101 FAQ.  Feel free to add any additional questions you may have about the workshop by leaving a comment to this post.

    Don’t forget…there are only 3 more days to enter to win a free spot to the February class. Click here for all the details and to register your entries. I’ll be announcing the winner this Friday on on the blog so come back then to find out who the winner will be!

    Do I have to be a mom to attend Momtography 101?

    No! Anyone is welcome to attend this course. Dads, grandparents, singles, teens. However, the class is geared toward taking better pictures of children so please attend with that in mind. The technical skills can be applied to many photography situations though so anyone looking to learn about their dslr can leave learning something!

    What is a DSLR camera?

    Most consumers are familiar with compact cameras such as your pocket sized point and shoot. However, DSLR cameras are increasingly becoming much more popular and prevalent amongst the general public.  DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex. The two most commonly seen brands on the market are Nikon and Cannon.  But, that doesn’t really help explain what a DSLR is or what the advantages are of having one. Let’s dig a little deeper:

    • With a DSLR camera, you see exactly what the lens sees and you typically view through a view finder (no LCD screen display)
    • You can change the lens on a DSLR
    • DSLRs have large image sensors that produce high-quality photos
    • A DSLR in the right situation has a near-zero lag time, and is ideal for action photography
    • DSLR cameras are versatile.

    Do I have to have a dslr camera to attend Momtography 101?

    Yes. This is a firm requirement. The technical details we will be discussing will be much more applicable to those with DSLR cameras. We will spend a majority of our time together disscussing manual functions, beginner settings, and lens options. Even though some of these settings are available on compact cameras they are not as sophisticated and do not always function in the same capacity as a DSLR.

    What can I expect to learn at Momtography 101?

    A little of everything! We’ll begin with the basics of taking better photos from composition to framing to lighting and location. From there we’ll dive into using the camera on a more technical level with basic manual settings. We’ll explore what settings work well in various situations and also discuss the advantages of different camera lenses.  Participants will also be given the chance to ask questions, participate in a hands on shoot with models to practice what is learned, and enter to win prizes and giveaways at the end!

    How many participants will you be accepting for this class?

    The class is designed for no more than 25 participants.

    My wife (friend, coworker, daughter, son, mom, dad…) would really enjoy this class! Can I buy them a gift certificate?

    Yes! I am happy to customize a gift certificate just for you.  A spot in this class would be a great gift for any holiday or special occasion.

    I can’t attend the class on the date you’ve set. Are you planning to offer another in the future?

    This Momtography class is one of what I hope to be many more to come. If the response is positive for this class I will definitely plan to offer another class during the Spring or Summer of 2011.  However, I also am happy to offer private small group classes either in your home or mine (for you and 3-7 of your friends), or one-on-one private lessons. Contact me for details if you are interested in either of these options.

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