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Today it’s time to meet another one of the Be Young Photography momtographers! I am so proud of these ladies and so excited to share their stories with you. Are you interested in being a part of the next Momtography 101 group? Check out this week’s giveaways. You could win a free seat in the next class OR free photo storage and printing from our awesome partner SmugMug.  Click HERE for all of the details on how to enter. Good luck, and enjoy this week’s interview!

Name: Keisha

Camera: Nikon D7000

How many kiddos: 2

Age(s): 2 years 8 months, 13 months

Tell us a little about what makes your kids tick. What are their interests, hobbies, favorites. What makes them unique? My son loves Tonka trucks, Thomas the Train, Buzz Light Year (from Toy Story), and he loves to run when we go on our afternoon walks. He is a very particular and cautious little boy that is also curious and has a ton of empathy for those around him, especially when they get a boo boo. My daughter on the other hand is our firecracker. Katy Perry’s song Fireworks is pretty much her theme song. She’s full of energy and sunshine. She also loves chasing after her brother and then running away from him when being tormented.

Tell us what you love most about being a mom? I love watching them sleep, play and learn new things. Having two little ones so close together has been tiresome at times, but the enjoyment I get from each one of them, in their own way, is well worth it.

Biggest frustration(s) with your photos pre-Momtography? My biggest frustration pre-Momotography was trying to figure out how to take photos without using a flash. I relied heavily on my SB600 speedlight, because I didn’t know how to manually adjust my camera settings to get the photos to look the way I would see them in my mind. Two of the example photos I have are from a New Year’s Eve party at a friend’s house. I was trying to capture my husband and son in front of a Christmas tree. There was a enough lighting in the room, but I could not figure out how to take the photo without using the flash.

What was the best tip or trick you learned from attending Momtography that you were able to use right away? The best tip I’ve learned from attending the Momtography class is how ISO, shutter speed and aperature all interact with each other. I am proud to say that I have not used my flash or speedlight since the class. I’m loving taking photos in manual modes. Instead of letting the camera think for me, I’m now telling the camera what to do and the results have been great.

What is the BEST moment you’ve captured of your kids or family ever on camera. Anything special come to mind? Last weekend, there was a Kid’s Trout Fishing Day in Reston. They stocked a tributary to Lake Audubon with over 200 rainbow trout. That day, my son caught his first fish, and he was estatic. In addition, the Northern Virginia Chapter of Trout Unlimited will be using one of these photos in their next newsletter.

Why should other local moms consider attending Momtography 101 on June 26th? Most people buy nice digital cameras because they want to take professional looking photos. But how much fun is a great digital camera if you’re only using it in auto mode, like a point and shoot camera. Besides the investment we made in our camera, taking this class was our next great investment. I feel more confident taking photos and do not feel as overwhelmed or frustrated in determining the right settings to use in different situations or settings.

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  1. What a great improvement in the before and after shots! I love seeing these posts B! Way to go Keisha!

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