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    Family Friday | Pause

    People are like stained glass windows — the true beauty can be seen only when there is light from within. The darker the night, the brighter the windows. –Elizabeth Kubler-Ross~ One of the best things we can do for ourselves when the world seems to be crashing down around us is to, pause. Take a […]

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    Inspire | Baby Loss Support Photography Class

    Mother’s Day is a day of appreciation and respect. I can think of no mothers who deserve it more than those who had to give a child back. ~ Erma Bombeck ~ It’s was Mother’s Day 2009 that I found out I was going to be a mom for the first time.  20 weeks later […]

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    Family Friday | Lovettsville VA Family Photographer

    When I was first referred to Cranial Technologies by our pediatrician because our poor baby has a “flat head” the immediate dread hit the pit of my stomach. “A helmet???” Then there were the thoughts of taking her out in public. The stares. The laughs. The wonders. Friends told me they didn’t notice her flat […]

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    Meet a Momtographer | Northern VA Photography Class

    Today it’s time to meet another one of the Be Young Photography momtographers! I am so proud of these ladies and so excited to share their stories with you. Are you interested in being a part of the next Momtography 101 group? Check out this week’s giveaways. You could win a free seat in the […]

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    Just What a Momotographer Needs | Northern VA Photography Class

    If you are a momtographer, I’ve got two giveaways today that are going to rock your world! In this digital age, the art of photography and capturing memories has never been easier. Point, shoot, transfer, upload and your job is done. But with this ease, comes a new set of challenges.  Too often I hear […]

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