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I am really excited to be bringing back the Meet a Momtographer blog feature! And, after just completing the third Momtography 101 class yesterday, I thought this would be the perfect time to do it.  This week’s momtographer took part in the very first Momtography 101 class and I must say she’s been one of my most enthusiastic. Meg’s awesome husband bought her a gift certificate to my class as a Christmas gift and I was so excited when she sent me a picture of her opening up her gift on Christmas morning. I am so glad that her participation in the class lived up to the hype and I am so excited to share her interview and her wonderfully improved photos.

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Name: Meg Holden

Camera: Nikon D80 with 35mm  & 50mm lenses, and a zoom lens.

How many kiddos: 2 kids & a husband (big kid at heart)

Age(s): 3.5 year old and a 3 month old… both boys

Tell us a little about what makes your kids tick. What are their interests, hobbies, and favorites? What makes them unique?

My older son is very inquisitive and likes to discover how things work, or the why’s of the world.  He’s a typical 3.5 year old, high energy and enjoying discovering his (limited) independent world.  Right now he loves being a big brother and all the “jobs” that come with it.  He takes his role very seriously.  My younger son is brand new, still figuring the world out.  He just started smiling, giggling, and finding his voice…   The boys are learning to share mom, and are starting to interact more and more everyday.

Tell us what you love most about being a mom.

It’s such a gift watching these amazing little boys grow into young men.  I love being there to share in all their “firsts” and all the everyday stuff in-between.  I love the quiet cuddling, the funny faces, being there to kiss their boo boos, or wipe the tears away, or just being there watching from the sidelines.  I cherish every moment I get to share with them.  Watching them learn to spread their wings and fly.

Biggest frustration(s) with your photos pre-Momtography?

Having a really great camera and getting “point and shoot” looking pictures.   I wanted that “professional” look to come out of my fancy camera… but was afraid of taking the camera out of auto mode for fear I might mess up the settings forever; or completely miss the photo opportunity because I was either a) playing with the camera settings, or b) took the pictures only to find later that they were no good.  Another one of my biggest frustrations was Christmas picture or low light, either to ruin the moment with the flash and deer in the headlight expressions, or to take a chance and get a blurry shot.  Getting kids to sit still is not possible, so I tended to either only take pictures outside in bright sun, or use the flash and was disappointed with the results.

What was the best tip or trick you learned from attending Momtography that you were able to use right away?

Turn your FLASH OFF!! And click click click…

What is the BEST moment you’ve captured of your kids or family ever on camera? Anything special come to mind?

Introducing the boys to each other.  As a parent there is no greater gift you could give your children than a sibling, a lifelong friend and companion.



Why should other local moms consider attending a Momtography class?

Beryl has a gift for teaching.  She breaks down the complicated world of photography, and finds a way to put it all into mom terms.  By using examples that a typical parent might run into when trying to capture their own personal tornados, photography comes to life.  I am a complete amateur with limited time (Baby Finn was born 1 month after I took the course) to practice all that I learned from Beryl’s course.  But my photos improved leaps and bounds already. It’s like motherhood, sometimes you just have to take off the training wheels and hope for the best.  I am more confident to leave my camera OUT of auto mode, and so much happier with the results.


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