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    Family Friday | Pool Time

    I am a Pisces. I am true to my zodiac description to a tee. Intuitive. Idealistic. Creative. Compassionate. Selfless. I have two fish swimming in a circle tattooed on my back. However, I am going to let you in on a little secret. I hate the water. I was never that kid that spent everyday […]

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    Wisdom Wednesday | Stuck

    Yesterday I didn’t shower. (please feel free to follow with a chorus of “ewwwww gross” or “that’s disgusting” here). The desire to be clean just wasn’t there. Being on summer vacation, free from the “day job” has opened up a whole host of new schedules and new routines. And apparently motivation isn’t a part that […]

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    Family Friday | 9 Months

    Dear Brielle, At 9 months old you are looking more toddler-like and grown up everyday. I can see my baby slipping away right before my very eyes.  I can sense you are just itching to move, to talk, and to grow into an independent little girl. Don’t grow up to fast, ok? xoxo. -mama

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