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    Magical Monday | Happy Birthday Baby Brie

    Dear Brielle, My heart and soul are bursting with joy today. It is truly a special magical day. This post is being published this morning at 7:41 am. The exact moment you entered this world one year ago and I held you safe in my arms and not in my belly for the very first […]

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    Family Friday | Beat The Heat

    When the high temp for the day is 118 scorching degrees and the meter has read over 100 for the entire week just take Brielle’s advice… 1) Stay indoors and dress cool 2) Eat, errrrr…..i mean read lots of books. 3) Play peek-a-boo 4) Get conductor daddy to take you on a train ride. 5) […]

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    Wisdom Wednesday | Advice

    Sometimes it can be really hard to follow advice. Everything in moderation. (right after I’m done scarfing down this pint of ice cream…) Don’t sweat the small stuff. (as the internal dialogue drones on – “does so and so like me? does this dress make me look fat? oh my gosh, did I have food […]

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    Wisdom Wednesday | Finding Inspiration

    What inspires you to photograph? Children and family? The serenity and beauty of nature?  The simplicity of everyday life?   For me, it’s my Bella angel & my Brie baby.   The lessons they’ve taught me about family, compassion, love, creativity, and healing. Those are my inspiration. What lights you up? Makes your heart sing […]

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    Family Friday | Pool Time

    I am a Pisces. I am true to my zodiac description to a tee. Intuitive. Idealistic. Creative. Compassionate. Selfless. I have two fish swimming in a circle tattooed on my back. However, I am going to let you in on a little secret. I hate the water. I was never that kid that spent everyday […]

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