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    Family Friday | 9 Months

    Dear Brielle, At 9 months old you are looking more toddler-like and grown up everyday. I can see my baby slipping away right before my very eyes.  I can sense you are just itching to move, to talk, and to grow into an independent little girl. Don’t grow up to fast, ok? xoxo. -mama

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    Family Friday | Giggles

    I am NOT a videographer. At all. I repeat. I am NOT a videographer. So please excuse the poor video quality. I am sure you’ll forget all about that though once you hear her infectious laugh.  

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    Family Friday | Yum

    When your name is Brielle, and you are baby, this is what Happy Hour looks like. Cheers! (a big thank you to guest photographer MeMa for capturing this moment)      

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    Wisdom Wednesday | Tell Your Story

    People are hungry for stories. It’s part of our very being. Storytelling is a form of history, of immortality too. It goes from one generation to another. ~Studs Turkel~ This year I hit a milestone in the aging process. 30. During the same time frame I was blessed with a baby. And my mind all […]

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    Family Friday | Lovettsville VA Family Photographer

    When I was first referred to Cranial Technologies by our pediatrician because our poor baby has a “flat head” the immediate dread hit the pit of my stomach. “A helmet???” Then there were the thoughts of taking her out in public. The stares. The laughs. The wonders. Friends told me they didn’t notice her flat […]

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