M. Family | Ashburn VA Family Photographer

Little A. took her mom, dad, me & miss twinkle bear for story time and music time in the park.  It was a cool yet beautiful fall day and we laughed, we danced, we had fun.  This family is one I am so grateful to say I’ve known for the past 8 years. The things they are doing to empower women and teach them confidence through Mary Kay skin care is incredible. They even have the pink Cadillac to prove it. Love you M. family. Enjoy your preview from our morning together!

2011 Holiday Mini Sessions | Waterford VA Family Photographer

Hello Be Young Photography friends! I hope in the time I’ve been gone the past 18 days you haven’t missed me too much. Since the last time we met the weather is starting to turn cooler, Pumpkin Spice Latte season is upon us (my favorite!), and OMG my little baby is about to turn the big O-N-E.  I was also busy shooting this year’s holiday mini sessions and I must say this year was so much fun. I think for today I am just going to let these images speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy them!



B. Family | Manassas VA Family Photographer

I only wish all of my clients could be as super organized, adventurous, and fun loving as the B. family. When mom Gina contacted me after winning my auction offering for the Playmates in Heaven foundation annual charity golf tournament, she had her session all figured out already.  From wardrobe, to styling, to props she knew what she wanted and she arrived with two laundry baskets full of stuff for us to play with!

We chose a sunrise shoot. We knew the light would be perfect. We knew Kate would be happy as a clam. And we knew that we’d have the opportunity for some gorgeous images. But I didn’t know I’d fall in love with so many of them.

I don’t usually post this many photos from a session, but this time I just couldn’t resist…enjoy!




The B. Family | Ashburn VA Family Photographer

This family has a lot to celebrate. One little one turning 4 (going on 30). One little one turning 7 months (and just saying her first word – “dada”).  9 years of marriage. And thriving family business.

Mom Kristen and I met shortly after my Brie baby was born when I decided to browse hair accessories at UnBOWlievable in the Dulles Town Center mall (because what mom doesn’t want adorable hair things for her little girl, right?!). Kristen and husband Chad are the masterminds behind this store and they are some of the most down to earth, passionate, and friendly people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They are the type where you feel like you’ve known them forever after just chatting for 5 minutes and I absolutely love that about them!

The past few months I’ve done model shoots of their product line for in store promotions. This month, I was thrilled to finally get to spend some one on one time with their wonderful family and take some special images just for them.

With the arrival of Spring it was a must that we get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Mom and dad got the two girls dressed up and accessorized we headed to the neighborhood community center. It’s apparent from these images that these girls have a lots of personality, style, and love for one another. Thanks for letting me come hang out with you on a beautiful Saturday afternoon B. family! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

The I. Family | Chantilly VA Family Photographer

It’s Week 3 of my online photography class with Brooke Snow and I must admit I am having a blast. Each week has been something new and completely different which is stretching me as a photographer and an artist.

This week I had the pleasure of working with the I. family whom I love and adore greatly. Mom, AJ, and I met 3 years ago (really it’s been that long?!) when I started taking classes at her boutique yoga studio AJ Yoga.  She was actually pregnant with 2 year old daughter Evelyn when I started practicing at her studio.  I was absolutely in awe of her ability to hold poses up until the very end of her pregnancy, but more than that I absolutely love how she runs her studio.  Her mere presence is calming and her practice is built upon the philosophy of being a safe, gentle environment to move and grow.  Dad, Joey, and I have a common bond working for the local public school system. But Joey is also a classically trained guitarist and I was so excited to incorporate the I. family’s love of music into our shoot today.

Their casual, calm, quiet nature made them the PERFECT family to do an in home shoot, which is something I want to do more of in the future. I love how an in home shoot makes the photos uniquely you. There is a level of comfort being at home. And there are so many options for activities that can be incorporated into photos that cater to each family or each individual. For the I. family our in home shoot involved story time, music time, jumping! (beds are great for this), and lots of love and cuddle time.

I. family, I hope you enjoy just a sampling of the fun we had today. I feel so lucky to have you all in my life and am so glad I was able to capture memories of this time for you all.

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