Sweet as Shugar

Congrats to Suzanna, winner of our Shugar Shugar giveaway!!!

Be Young Photography is about to get a whole lot sweeter right….NOW!

A few weeks ago through the amazingness of social networking paired with my late night craving for something sweet to snack on I stumbled upon local home based cupcakery Shugar Shugar.  Owner Kay and I hit it off immediately and I am so excited to be working with her on some images for her brand spankin’ new website (coming soon!).

We’ve also been discussing teaming up at Corcoran Vineyards in Waterford, VA to offer cupcake & wine tastings along with my fall mini photo sessions this year. Now how AWESOME would that be?? Photos, wine, and cupcakes. Perfect combo. Mark your calendar for September 4th and I’ll be announcing the rest of those details soon.

Anytime cupcakes are involved I think deserves a time for celebration, and it’s been awhile since we’ve done a giveaway here at Be Young Photography, so let’s give away some cupcakes shall we?!

Winner will receive a 24 pack of Shugar Shugar’s mini cupcakes in 4 different flavors (a $36 value). Winner must redeem by Oct. 31st 2011. Limited to flavors of the week. Free delivery in the areas of Leesburg & Ashburn VA.

You have 3 ways to enter (enter all 3 way and increase your chances of winning each time!)

1. Leave a comment here on the Be Young Photography blog. Tell me What is your favorite flavor of cupcake?” (my personal fav is chocolate peanut butter! nom nom)

2. Go become a fan of Shugar Shugar on Facebook by clicking HERE. To mark your entry complete – leave a note on their wall telling them “I’m a new fan Be Young Photography sent me!”

3. Become of a fan of Be Young Photography on Facebook by clicking HERE. To mark your entry complete- leave a note on our wall telling us “I am here to win cupcakes from Shugar Shugar!”

We’ll be taking entries until Friday August, 12th, with a winner selected at random and announced on Monday August, 15th. Good Luck!

Karen and Todd | Ashburn VA Engagement Photographer

Karen and I are coworkers who met 5 summers ago. She was my mentor as I was going through a job switch and taking courses to get my certification in Instructional Technology. We met the summer I was getting married and many of my assignments required me to create documents using desktop publishing programs.  She was my editor and reviewer as I created my wedding program and guest newsletter all while receiving school credit to boot! Who knew that summer would begin a fabulous friendship and I’d have the amazing opportunity to take her own engagement photos a few years later?

Todd and Karen met through online dating, but Karen puts the story behind their meeting so much more beautifully and eloquently:

A year and a half ago, my grandfather passed away and at his service, his coffin was covered with red roses. Several members of our family requested a rose as a keepsake. Although I very much wanted one of my own, I didn’t ask, and regretted it afterward. His service was on a beautiful October day. That afternoon I took my dog, Tessie, for a walk at a gorgeous park across from my house. Midway through my walk, I sat down on a bench near a waterfall to be alone in my thoughts. Out of the blue, a man approached me and said hello. Noticing I was upset, he offered me a single red rose that he had cut from a rose bush along his own walk. Within seconds, he had disappeared.  I was overcome with the feeling that he was sent to me by my grandfather to show that he would be with me always. Unfortunately I met Todd a few months after my grandfather passed away so they never had a chance to meet. I can’t help but feel that Big Ed might have had something to do with our meeting.

It’s no surprise that when Todd proposed he came not only with a ring but also carrying a single long stemmed red rose. We returned to their proposal spot at Brambleton’s Legacy Park for much of our shoot and even with the 100 degree temperatures outside they both made the most of an evening together. There was lots of laughter, lots of love, and lots of excitement for what’s to come.

Congrats to you both, I can not wait for your big day next July. xoxo.


B. Family | Manassas VA Family Photographer

I only wish all of my clients could be as super organized, adventurous, and fun loving as the B. family. When mom Gina contacted me after winning my auction offering for the Playmates in Heaven foundation annual charity golf tournament, she had her session all figured out already.  From wardrobe, to styling, to props she knew what she wanted and she arrived with two laundry baskets full of stuff for us to play with!

We chose a sunrise shoot. We knew the light would be perfect. We knew Kate would be happy as a clam. And we knew that we’d have the opportunity for some gorgeous images. But I didn’t know I’d fall in love with so many of them.

I don’t usually post this many photos from a session, but this time I just couldn’t resist…enjoy!




Baby P. | Ashburn VA Newborn Photographer

Baby P.’s mommy and I have been friends for just about 18 years now. We met the first day of 6th grade, we bonded over being the new kids in town and kept each other afloat as we swam through the awkward sea that is middle school. We used to have marathon phone dates, playing MASH to plan our future (anyone remember that game? anyone?), swooning over this week’s crush, and imagining what life would be like when we were “old and had our own kids”. Well looks like that day has arrived (whoa what a thought!). Little did we know back then that we’d still be so close now, still live in our hometown, have husbands that get along swimmingly, AND have babies 8 months apart from one another.  MASH couldn’t have planned it any better.  Now we’re onto plotting how these two adorable girls are going to be best buds as we all grow older together.  Born at a healthy 9lbs 8oz, Baby P. was just 7 days old when I had the opportunity to shoot her session, but she’s already looking so awake – alert – and adorable!

One Bow Eight Ways | Purcellville VA Child Photographer

I absolutely adore little girls, especially my own! (I am a little biased I know). The best part about little girls? The clothes. The shoes. And….the accessories!! When Brie was born one of the first places we frequented for her accessories was UnBOWlievable.  The fact that I could find a hair piece customized to match any of her outfits was amazing. We started with headbands, and as she has grown and begun to spout beautiful thick hair we’ve been able to upgrade to velvet clips. When she gets a bit older she’ll be able to retire the velvet and move on to a new kind of clip.  But, this presents us with a different problem. What do we do with all of the beautiful newborn headbands she is no longer wearing and probably won’t wear again?

Well…UnBOWlievable is gearing up to launch a new product this fall that aims to fix this problem. A product that allow hair pieces to grow with a child and be used for years and years and years. I’m not allowed to say to much, but I can show you a little sneak peek of a shoot we did this past week modeling their new product. Same bow. Eight Ways. Soft bands. Hard Bands. Velvet Clips. No Velvet Clips. Hair Up. Hair Down. The possibilities are endless. And they will be coming to UnBOWlievable soon.

Oh and I couldn’t resist this one…I little slice of spring to start your Monday off right. 🙂

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