Beth, Randy, and Angel's Holiday Session

Yesterday, I headed to the Town of Leesburg to meet my coworker Beth, her husband Randy, and their adorable schnauzer Angel for a gorgeous day of picture taking.  Beth contacted me looking for some updated family photos and was totally open to suggestions of where to go. I have been wanting to shoot in Leesburg for awhile now and this was the perfect opportunity to suggest  it!   Leesburg is a quaint little town with LOTS of character. Between the multicolored brick buildings, tucked away gardens, and quirky shops, we had lots to work with for our morning together.

I had so much fun with these guys during our session too. We took about a 2 hour stroll up and down Market Street and the surrounding area, ending our day at nearby Georgetown Park.  Beth and Randy had a completely laid back approach to our session and they were open to any and all of my ideas.  I was so glad they asked if Angel could be there too. He is an amazingly well behaved and happy dog which made my job as photographer easy!

Here is a sneak peak from our session together. Remember you can click on any of the pictures to open a larger view.  I had a really tough time picking my favorites this time around, these are just a few! I hope you like the initial preview I and promise the rest will be on the way after Thanksgiving.

The George Family

As I mentioned yesterday I had not one but two lovely photo sessions on Sunday. It’s made for a busy but worthwhile start to the week with all the processing I have been doing. I think The Calmer is getting worried that it may be months before I get up from my laptop! But once I get going, the process of turning photos from good to fabulous can be addicting and I just can’t pull myself away from the screen.

In any event, my photo session on Sunday afternoon with the George family almost didn’t happen! I got a call from them early on Saturday and it seems the flu has been making its rounds in their house. Dad was the newest victim this weekend and after chatting briefly we were planned for a re-schedule next week.  Amazingly, on Sunday morning I got news that dad felt better (or at least good enough to play model for photos on a Sunday afternoon). And I am so glad we were able to get out and get their photos done, the weather was just BEAUTIFUL!

We spent the late afternoon on a nature hike at the Red Rock Park in Leesburg, VA. Until last week I had never been there and I was so happy with the suggestion from the family. The place is amazing. The historic farm ruins and hiking trails that lead to a fantastic view Potomac river were the perfect setting for family photos.

I also must say that the 3 kids in the George family were all good sports! I know at their age spending the afternoon with a stranger and being forced in front of the camera for 90 minutes with mom and dad is the farthest thing from fun.  But they were all perfect subjects for their portraits and I just love love love their gorgeous blue eyes.

In my defense, I didn’t make them post the whole time. They also got a chance to run around, play ball, enjoy the weather, the sites, and even climb some of the massive trees around the park. I just love the picture of them below in the tree after hearing stories of a similar picture in their home taken when they were much younger.

Spending time with this family was a great way to wind down the weekend. I hope they had a great time too and enjoy this preview of their photos from the day.  To see a larger version of any of the collages above just click on the picture to enlarge it. Enjoy!

Rachel and Austin's Anniversary Session

Whew it was a busy weekend! I had not one but two very fun and successful photo sessions on Sunday and I can’t wait to share both sets of previews with you all. It was an absolutely lovely (and seasonally warm) November day. The perfect day to hang with friends and get behind the lens to capture some fun memories.

Sunday morning I met up with long time friend Rachel (we’ve known each other since the 6th grade!) and her boyfriend Austin for some belated anniversary pictures. The two starting dating in September of 2008 and have been inseparable ever since.  The best part about their budding relationship is that Austin and my Calmer get along swimmingly, so we are often able to hang out an have a great time!

Rachel and Austin were the perfect subjects. We took a morning stroll around their neighborhood capturing pictures around the scenic paths, fields, and even at the playground!  Rachel came prepared with wardrobe changes appropriate for the setting and I was so happy that they were willing to put up with my camera experimentation and variety of poses.

One my favorite parts of the shoot was getting them showing off their favorite pastime of watching Sunday football. These guys have a regimented ritual every Sunday and nothing better come between them and their television from 11am – 11pm during football time! It’s amazing to me that a die hard Redskins fan and a die hard Cowboys fan can be together but somehow they make it work!

Thanks guys for hanging out with my on your Sunday morining. I hope we got all the pictures out of the way before the big games and I really hope you like your preview.  The rest of the photos from our day will be on the way soon!

Lexi and Alexander

Today I am celebrating.

Why you ask?

I successfully completed my first family photo session today from start to finish.  Planning, shooting, editing, and now posting.

And I must gloat, I am quite proud of the results!

It was an uphill battle reaching this prideful place though. Yesterday morning I woke up excited with the anticipation of putting my skills to the test. I packed my bag methodically, making sure to include all my lenses, making sure I had a fresh memory card, and a charged battery.

I was headed out that later that evening to take pictures of two very special people in my life. Lexi has been one of my closest friends since the seventh grade and she was looking for some fall pictures of her and her son Alexander. Together we carefully researched and picked the perfect location. We decided on a local tot lot with the potential for fun and fresh colors.

I had all my ducks in a row.

I was ready.

But about 5 minutes into our session I quickly realized the art involved with photographing an independent almost 4 year old is one I may not have been ready for!

I began snapping away and as I looked at the pictures I had captured my thoughts ran a mile a minute. Images were overexposed. They had motion blur. I wasn’t metering correctly.  The colors weren’t quite right and lens wasn’t right either but there was no time to change it. If I changed a lens I might miss a moment that could be captured!  I arrived with ideas for poses. But Alexander had different ideas. He thought was much more fun to play in the sand with sticks, run around in circles, throw leaves, and look for “alligators” in the creek than take pictures with his mom! So I rolled with it. That’s my style. Go with the flow. Capture the moments as they happen. And as I rolled along I did end up liking quite a few of the pictures.

Below are a few of my favorites from the day.  Lexi and Alexander were great sports and we had a lot of fun running around in one of the last and fleeting warm fall days.  I sure learned a lot, I hope I did my friends proud, and I hope they like their photos from our evening together as much as I do!  To see more fun from our outing together click here. Enjoy!

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