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    G. Family | Ashburn VA Maternity Photographer

    Although I don’t really advertise myself as a ‘portrait photographer’ anymore, every now and then a project comes around that I can’t refuse. Plus I totally miss photo editing.  Something about unwinding after a long day with a gorgeous image in front of me awaiting my artistic transformation is super relaxing. Ahhhh… (Pssst….want to learn […]

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    Wisdom Wednesday | Stuck

    Yesterday I didn’t shower. (please feel free to follow with a chorus of “ewwwww gross” or “that’s disgusting” here). The desire to be clean just wasn’t there. Being on summer vacation, free from the “day job” has opened up a whole host of new schedules and new routines. And apparently motivation isn’t a part that […]

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    Wisdom Wednesday | Making The Leap

    This week’s Wisdom Wednesday was inspired by a recent question asked by one of my lovely Facebook followers. Shannon asks: Do you provide assistance with selecting cameras? I’m looking to make the leap and purchase my first SLR. As my photography classes has grown over the past few months, I have been asked this question […]

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    The Session is Over…Now What? | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    One of my favorite things to do as photographer is not just taking the photos but helping clients figure out what to do with those photos once their taken. Prior to every session I complete a pre-session consultation where we discuss location, wardrobe, and plans for the photos once their done. From albums, to prints, […]

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    What to Wear: Fall Inspired | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

    One of the most frequent questions I am asked when having a pre-session consultation is, “What should we wear?”. It can be so much fun to put together a unique, timeless, and fun look for your session and I am here to help you do just that! Color, pattern, and texture can create a great […]

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