100 Steps – Week 2

I took 100 steps again this morning.  The rain has finally subsided (it’s been raining since Wednesday) but its still way colder than it should be for an October day in VA.   I am sure I was a sight to behold outside in my hooded sweatshirt (with hood on my head), fleece PJ pants, and gray wool shoes. Hopefully everyone was snuggled inside on their Sunday morning instead of looking out their window at the crazy neighbor snapping photos.

My steps this morning did not take my anywhere spectacular. I walked east down the sidewalk on the street where The Calmer and I reside and step 100 stopped me in the middle of a neighbor’s driveway.  I took a 360 degree spin to take in my surroundings.  I didn’t really find too many options. cars in the driveway? ick. the sidewalk? blech. the sky? gross on this gray day.

Then I found it.

I only stayed out long enough to snap 1 picture

The irony of finding flowers in a yard when it was 43 degrees outside was amusing to me!

I am enjoying the vintage like cross-processing on this photo. I wouldn’t say I have developed a photography “style” yet per se but I do tend to enjoy the vintage look on a lot of my still subjects.  What do you think of this “look”?

Anyone else out there take 100 steps yet? I want to see what you come up with. Leave links to all your 100 steps photos in the comments here.

I’m waiting…(taps foot)

Polaroid Update

I have an impulse problem.

Remember my recent post about Polaroid nostalgia?  Weeeeeeeelllllll…

I got my One Step Polaroid camera!!!

For 5 bucks on craigslist I might add (gotta love a good bargain).

I actually got the camera on Wednesday (less than 24 hours after that blog post) and have been waiting patiently impatiently for the rain to stop. It’s been VERY rainy here in Virginia the past few days.  And cold. In my world those two things just do not mix well at all! So instead, I’ve been curling up on the couch, cup of coffee in hand, admiring the awesome polaroid loveliness on flickr.

To my delight and surprise the rain clouds actually parted for a little while this afternoon and I was finally able to load up my 600 film (for those of you keeping track I did manage to hang on to two packs) and go for an enjoyable, although brisk, walk.

The fun part about Polaroid film is that you can never be quite sure what you’re going to get. Fortunately today I was pleasantly rewarded with these two shots.

I love how they just go together. And, they totally did not develop as I was expecting them which is all part of the fun.

I could just squeal with happiness right now!

I’m not sure when you’ll see more Polaroid fun from me. I would love to go experiment more but I have to conserve the little bit of film I covet right now.

17 exposures and counting…

Remembering Her

Today I am thinking of Bella.

I should be 26 weeks pregnant today.

Instead it is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day and it’s been 34 days since we said goodbye.  The day we lost Bella I came across this memorial day and committed it to memory. Today I didn’t even realize it was the 15th until a friend tweeted a personal remembrance for her own loss.

The realization of the day brought everything to a screeching halt. I had a wave of guilt for not remembering this on my own. And the irrational thought that Bella would be mad at me. For not remembering. Not caring.

Fortunately the day is not over.

I still have time to honor our sweet baby girl.

Remember her.

What she brought to our family.

Joy. Hope. Love. Emotion. Inspiration.

We miss her and the excitement she brought us as we prepared for a new phase of life for our family. We miss that we’ll never get to know who she is. her smile. her laugh. her personality.

But us losing her has also taught us so much in such a short time.

To not take things for granted.

Enjoy every moment.

Stay strong.

Stay positive.

I may not think of her every single moment of every single day.

But I do I remember her every day.

I hope you’ll take some time to remember her with us today too.

A Moment of Serendipity

Hello Autumn! I am so happy you’re here. Scarf weather has arrived! Hurrah!

I have a story today. So I hope you’ll sit back, relax, and take a listen.

I decided this evening that I need to get my hands on an “old school” Polaroid camera. You know the immediate gratification point, shoot, and develop deals.  It all started yesterday evening when a coworker of mine posted this to her Facebook status:

FINALLY found a polaroid camera at the thrift store!! 🙂 now, all I need is film. anyone know where I can find it? 600 film for the one step camera?!

Up until that moment I had completely forgotten about my love for this primative device. My parents bought me my Polarioid instant camera when I was in my teens. I loved the immediate gratification, the blurry finish, the washed out colors. I have no clue why I ever got rid of it. I should’ve knownI would’ve wanted it back one day!

Today this coworker came to me personally to ask about the film. I really haven’t given Polaroid a second thought in the past few years but recalled reading somewhere that they had shut their plants and were no longer manufacturing the film. We sat down, did some internet searching, and WOWIE was I right. The film is hard to come by and man that stuff is expensive now.

Then, by a bit of internet happenstance I discovered that some of our local Walgreens stores still do indeed stock the film.

And this evening I happened to be in a Walgreens.

And they had the film.

Orginally $33

On clearance for $5

Oh happy day!! (for my coworker)

I bought out the entire stock of film.

All 5 packs.

Then in a serendipitious twist of the heavens I came home to this blog from the lovely Susanah Conway.

~ Polaroid news! ~

That’s what the title read. As I read further I discovered that Polaroid will be re-launching some of its most famous instant cameras along with limited edition film.

My love affair with Polaroid has been rekindled. I can’t wait to get my hands on one and see what I can do with it.  My coworker will be lucky if I actually hand over the film tomorrow. I just might have to keep it for myself.

The Simple Things

I hit the photography blog  jackpot. In my quest for new ideas and inspiration I found Shutter Sisters a collaborative blogging project that celebrates woman who have a passion for photography.  The blog was started by the talented Tracey Clark and I am overjoyed to have stumbled upon both of her sites this weekend.

Tracey started a photography project called Best Shot Monday a place to share photos weekly. I am jumping right in today and sharing my contribution. Her theme this week: The Little Details. This morning was filled with little details that are the simple joys in my world:

three day weekend bliss.

sleeping in.

a morning cup of coffee (or two).

an impromptu day off from work by The Calmer. (love him!)

relaxing on the couch with pjs.

These are the little details or simple things in my life right now. What simple things do you have to celebrate?

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