Family Friday | Lovettsville VA Family Photographer

I bet our 4 month old can beat up your 4 month old.  Not that she wants to or anything. But at 4 months, 17.5 lbs and over 25 inches tall is she 99% for weight and 92% for her height.  Yep. She looks more like a 7 month old than a 4 month old.  We got the green light from the doctor to start solids. So, yesterday was our first solid food experiment. The order of the day? Rice cereal. We’re not sure of the final digested to face art ratio, but I’d say by the end of the meal she was certainly enjoying herself!

Belated Family Friday | Northern VA Baby Photographer

Houston we have a problem. Our tiny newborn has been replaced by a chunky monkey! I’ve been wanting to capture some pictures of Miss Brie in her birthday suit for a few weeks now. All of her rolls, folds, and chunk are just too cute for words. And those cheeks. Oh my! They sure do get lots of kisses from mommy and daddy. My apologies for the belated post. I wanted to get these pictures in just the right light so her shoot was postponed until this morning. I hope these were worth the wait!

16 weeks | Northern VA Baby Photographer

She turned 16 weeks yesterday. Not sure where the time is gone or how we got here. But we sure are having fun along the way! Her personality is really starting to shine through. Right now her hobbies include: smiling, eating, putting everything in sight her mouth, puffing out those chipmunk cheeks, and kicking her feet as much as she possibly can. And, since I missed Family Friday this week I thought I’d share some of the shots I was able to capture of our growing girl over the weekend.

Family Friday| Northern VA Family Photographer

There’s nothing wrong with a Friday posting on Thursday, right? I’ve got to make way for the Momtography 101 details and giveaway tomorrow so I thought I’d go ahead and share what we’ve been up to a day early. We are a two holiday family in our household and have decided to share the magic of both Hanukkah and Christmas with Brielle. The first night of Hanukkah was last night and Brie enjoyed her first festival of lights. She may not remember any of her first holiday season, but we’re hoping to capture a bit of the magic so she can look back and see just how special this time was for all of us.

Family Friday | Northern VA Baby Photographer

For Halloween this year Brielle has already begun looking up to her furry siblings. I hope you’re Halloween weekend is filled with lots of treats and no tricks!

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