Kirsten | Leesburg, VA Senior Photographer

Be Sweet.

Be Inspired.

Be You.

My current tagline. A message I like to convey with each picture I take. However, during the course of my month long class with Brooke Snow I’ve been looking to enhance this message when working with teens embarking upon their senior year.  Senior photography is something I am really looking forward to exploring more in the coming year. But I’m not so sure senior guys would really love the idea of “being sweet” or “being inspired”. That just doesn’t scream teenage boy to me.  So I went asking around for tagline suggestions and after brainstorming with some good friends…

Be the star of your senior year.


I want to capture the essence of being a high schooler. Are you are jock? drama star? cheerleader? musician? bookworm? The awesome thing about being in high school is finding yourself. finding your identity. and making the most of it! being a star in whatever area you choose. This new seniors tagline was the inspiration behind my final creative shoot for Brooke Snow’s class.  Today you get to meet Kirsten.  She’s a member of the class of 2013, but already has a strong sense of identity. And when she told me in her interview that her loves were for piano, guitar, and songwriting I knew exactly what our shoot would entail!

The chair arrived in my office this week. the instruments are hers. and the parking garage was the perfect urban location to tie it all together and ensure the weather would not ruin our fun.

Kirsten’s friend Louisa was along for the ride too and I have more of these girls to share later this week.

For now enjoy this sneak peek our fabulously creative musical session together. Kirsten I can’t wait to see where your musical dreams take you, you have a lot of talent!

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